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Here you will find various articles written by me, Jesper Juhl, as well as links to things I enjoy; like programming, Linux and general open source stuff, games and much more. You can find it all via the menu on the left or the tabs at the top of the page.
Enjoy the site.

It seems that the pages people mostly visit my site for are my Kernel rebuild guide, my Slackware FAQ and my Slackware Tools article, so now they are linked here from the front page. Take a look; those are probably the documents you want here - but do feel free to explore as well :)

I've also got a few other random bits tucked away on various subdomains.
Here's a list of the main items:

If you have any feedback on the site that you'd like to share you can find a link to email me at the bottom of the page. I like hearing what people think about the material I post, so feel free to write me a mail if you've got something on your mind regarding the site.
I also have my curriculum vitae online in case you should be interrested in that.